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Molecular Environmental Biology, B.S

Data Science, B.A

University of California, Berkeley Candidate 2020

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Psychology, B.A

California State University, East Bay Candidate 2020

     Growing up in three distinct countries Iran, Japan, and the United States, I have learned to understand people of different backgrounds, religious faiths, and cultures. In the scientific community emphasizing health and medicine, it is apparent, we all share more similarities than differences. An underrepresented problem affecting people from across the globe is the lack of education regarding personal oral hygiene.

As a child, I will never  forget how much I dreaded brushing my teeth. Yet, even with all that effort, I still had cavities. It was only later through my own research that I realized the cavities between my teeth were not due to improper brushing, but rather the absence of a key element: flossing. My family, among many other households, was never properly educated on the importance of flossing. Through Health Smart Kid, we believe by providing a platform which both demonstrates and explains the significance of flossing to children will establish an appreciation for flossing for generations to come.